About Us

Moringa Texas Family Portrait Sunny Chuck Julie Philip MoringaTexas

Sunny Huang started growing moringa trees in her garden after a cancer-stricken family friend shared how the "Miracle Tree" provided incredible nutrition, energy and aid in his medical journey. She made a promise to share moringa with anyone open to hearing about its benefits. Since then she has added natural products made from moringa (oil, balm, soap, tea) that she sells in her store.

Miracle Garden is located in Central Texas and uses the best moringa oleifera and ingredients from all over the world for your personal health and beauty. We work with organic growers in India to obtain moringa supplies in the freshest and peak nutritional condition available. Our teas, oils, balms and soaps are created by hand and in small batches in Cedar Creek, Texas, USA - 20 miles east of Austin, Texas. Our seedlings and trees are grown locally but are only available seasonally to the public for pick up.

We are so grateful to be able to share our unique moringa products with Central Texas since 2003!
Thank you for supporting our small family business,
-Sunny, Chuck, Julie & Philip
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