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Originally found in India, the Moringa tree is now being introduced in the United States. Moringa Oleifera is the best known and most nutritionally valuable kind of slender tree in the Moringa family. Virtually every portion of the plant can be used. The leaves are always green and tender. The white blossoms can be ornamental, cooked for consumption or used to make a healthy tea. Its young, green pods are edible and can easily be used in ·any recipe calling for green beans, asparagus or okra. Seeds from young pods can be treated like peas, while more mature seeds can be roasted like nuts. High-grade Moringa oil can be derived from crushing seeds. The oil can be used for cooking, cosmetics and has even been known to be used as "watch oil”' a fine lubricant for mechanical parts. Even the left-over press cakes from oil extraction can be used. Not only is it good for fertilizer and cooking fuel, but the Moringa press cakes can aid in water clarification.

The Moringa tree has been labeled "the Miracle Tree" when in fact it is also "Nature's Medicine Cabinet:” Moringa leaves provide an ideal amount of nutrients and can be a superior supplement to almost any diet. Vitamins C and A protect the eyes, improve the immune system and provide antioxidant protection to damaged cells and tissues. Iron also builds up the immune system by oxygenating red blood cells and is used in energy production. Proteins are essential as the building blocks for cells. Calcium keeps hair, bones and joints healthy and strong. Potassium is needed to maintain the nervous system and regulate muscle contractions. All these nutrients and vitamins can be found in one plant, the Moringa.

In additional to its nutritional value, the Moringa plant has many medicinal uses. Research has shown the Moringa naturally aids as a detoxifying agent and also an energizer. It provides energy without the jitters and restlessness of other herbal Moringa products have been long used as topical antibiotics, anti-inflammatants and skin healers. The Moringa has also shown promise in fighting ulcers and diabetes. In India, the juices of the leaves have had a stabilizing effect on blood pressure. Moringa flower tea is used to ease cold symptoms. Moringa is a well-kept medical secret that is now being shared with the world.

From the greenhouse to the kitchen to the living room, the Moringa can fit into any lifestyle and any house. Its nutritional and medicinal value make it a candidate for the plant of the 21st century and beyond!


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