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Come by and visit the garden.  2394 State Hwy 71 w Cedar Creek, TX 78612 (20 miles east of Austin)

All of our products are made on site at Abbey's Garden

What is Moringa?

Originally found in India, the Moringa tree is now being introduced in the United States. Moringa Oleifera is the best known and most nutritionally valuable king of slender tree in the Moringa family. Virtually every portion of the plant can be used. The white blossoms can be cooked for consumption or used to make tea, the seeds from young pods can be treated like peas, while more mature seeds can be roasted like nuts. Moringa oil can be derived from the crushing of the seeds and can be used in cooking and and cosmetic products.

Moringa has long been believed to be highly nutritional, with large amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Protein, and has also been known for it's adjuvant effects. Research has shown that Moringa naturally aids as a detoxifying agent and as an energizer. It provides energy without the jitters and restlessness of other herbal products or caffeine. The products derived from the plant have also long been used as topical antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and in the repair of damaged skin. The plant has also shown potential benefits in fighting ulcers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

As a goal, Miracle Garden hopes to provide you something healthy for your body and soul. Please enjoy our products.

We also offer a variety of seasonal plants available for local pickup.


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